Brian (bds) wrote in newengland_vegs,

Medford Square Room for Rent to Vegetarian/Vegan - $500/mo. - 3-room apt.

We are looking for a new *vegetarian* roommate to fill one room in a three-bedroom apartment on November 1st. Rent is $500/month with heat, hot water, and electricity included. We split the cable modem bill and would consider sharing a phone line and cable TV. The value for this size apartment is incredible!

The room:
25 (or 20) x 15 feet - can't find the tape measure right now. Two tall windows and one big picture window. Wall-to-wall carpeting, beautiful non-functioning marble fireplace. No closets. Some closed shelves in the common area. We assume this room was supposed to be a living room.

The apartment:
9 foot ceilings throughout the apartment. We are on the 2nd floor of a 3-floor house. One bathroom (we have a nice schedule for weekday mornings), huge eat-in kitchen, washer and dryer inside, back porch, free private parking lot (except Monday and Thursdays during business - the office downstairs has dibs on those days). The common areas aren't too close to the bedroom area, so it's quiet.

The people:
You'd be living with one 27 year old male and one 40s-something female. She moved in last month and is a nursing student. He is a liberal software engineer living here for the past 3 years; into rock climbing, biking, music, and gaming. The person you're replacing is moving out to live with her boyfriend.

Everyone here is quiet, adult and private, but definitely friendly in the common areas; we chit chat over cooking dinner, for instance. Most often we are doing our own things, coming and going as we please. It's a nice environment if you aren't looking for roommates to talk to on a daily basis.

Vegetarian or vegan!

Professional or academic male or female, in your 20s or 30s. Responsible with bill payments and sharing household chores. We split the cost of common needs such as paper towels and garbage bags. Please be clean in common spaces and take care of dishes and spills. We aren't neat-freaks but we should be comfortable having guests drop by unannounced.

One of the house-mates is a long-term vegan and would like to keep the house as meat-free as possible. The other new person does eat meat but we tend to be on different schedules and don't see any of it.

We are looking for someone independent but who enjoys sharing the occasional dinner and discussion. If you're an active or creative person you would be a great influence on the household!

The apartment is relatively unfurnished in the common areas, so bring your stuff. There is plenty of room!

The area:
Two minute walk to Medford Square where there are restaurants and buses to the Red, Orange, and Green lines (Green line bus only during commuting hours). Two miles to Davis Square. Two minutes to 93 at exits 32 and 33. About one mile to Tufts.
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